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Upcoming Events at Nordtex Lodge
For more info contact Arne Hatlestad, President

All of our newsletters are now on line. Click here to read the newsletters.

February 24, 2002: Regular Meeting, 3:00 p.m. at the Wooden Spoon. Ed Fjordback, Honorary Norwegian Consul for Dallas, will be our speaker. If you like, bring some food to share after the meeting.

April 27-28, 2002: Viking Fest 2002 at San Gabriel Park in Georgetown, Texas. Once again Viking descendants in Texas and guests from worldwide, will gather to celebrate their Scandinavian heritage. The fourth Viking Fest will be held in Georgetown, Texas, on Sat. April 27, 2002 from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Sun. April 28 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. in San Gabriel Park. Click Viking Fest Website for more information.

Nortex Lodge members will be attending this 2-day festival and this will take the place of our regular meeting in April. So there will NOT be a meeting at the Wooden Spoon in April.
Previous Events at Nordtex Lodge Our Christmas party last year was a BIG success! We had the most wonderful food plus we were entertained with live singing of Norwegian Christmas songs by our new members. For a pictorial look at our meeting click here.
sivertsen.jpg (36270 bytes) bjornchart.jpg (49563 bytes)
Arne Sivertsen from Stavanger Bjørn Heyerdal, son of Thor Heyerdal
Many of our members are interested in genealogy research. We have hosted many experts from Norway who have shared their extensive knowledge with the beginner and seasoned genealogists of our lodge. Arne Sivertsen works closely with the Norwegian Emmigration Center in Stavanger and has helped many Norwegian-Americans by e-mail plus visits to the US. Bjørn Heyerdal has done extensive work on his own family and brought an elaborate chart to our meeting to explain his research. John Føllesdal spoke about genealogy at our meeting. John has a very comprehensive web site with information for beginners and seasoned genealogists at .

lavskr.jpg (47903 bytes) julenek.jpg (27771 bytes)A julenek is a sheaf of oats put out for the birds during the holiday season in Norway. Usually decorated with red bows, it is found outside every farm, suburban home and apartment.

Texas is part of a major migration route for birds heading to and from the south. Don't forget to feed our feathered friends!

babyski.jpg (25654 bytes) arne.jpg (30311 bytes)
Young Norwegian Skier Our own President!
Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. Holmenkollen Day is celebrated near Oslo in March.

Suzanne Katz, a rosemaling instructor at the Wooden Spoon, shares the history and styles of this type of Norwegian painting. It is wonderful to have this great talent in Plano.

vfest2k05.jpg (80085 bytes) vfest2k15.jpg (86541 bytes) vfest2k22.jpg (102040 bytes) vfest2k27.jpg (79079 bytes)
Opening parade Accordion band Ft. Worth Sons of Norway Tug of war
Viking Fest
Texas Style

Every two years Texas is host to two days of nonstop Scandinavian music, food and fun. These pictures are of the 2000 Viking Fest on April 29 -30. Click on the picture for a full-size picture. Nordtex lodge members also use this time to get together with other Sons of Norway members from across the state.

Syttende Mai Celebrations
Hurrah for Syttende Mai! We celebrate Norway's Constitution Day with parades, music and good food! Click here for more photos from the May 17, 2000 celebration.

District 1 Convention, June 8-10, 2000 in Cedar Rapids, IA (Click here for more photos)
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Texas Posse At our work table Marvin & Famie Berkeland w/John

Previous Sons of Norway Conventions
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Norway Delegate Bruce Allen International Convention in Anaheim District Convention in Brookings, SD
Sons of Norway holds District and International conventions every two years. Our lodge sends delegates to both of these conventions.
vikingship.jpg (44840 bytes) barbara.jpg (60171 bytes)
The kids made Viking Ships Young musician getting a lesson
Our Midsummer celebration is a Norwegian tradition with a Texas twist.

We do our best to brave the heat and head outside for food, games, music and dancing.

The young and young-at-heart agree this is a great day.
99midsum03.jpg (97087 bytes) 99midsum04.jpg (90546 bytes) 99midsum26.jpg (82425 bytes)

Kids doing their crafts

Dancing to live music


allwithsg.jpg (52181 bytes) taa27.jpg (48472 bytes)
Secret Garden in Dallas Jarle Fjeldheim from Norway
It is always a thrill to have such great musical talent visit the Dallas area. Our members always enjoy the performances as well as the personal visits with international artists Secret Garden and Jarle Fjeldheim. Nordtex Lodge members worked the phones at the PBS TV station in Dallas during the promotion of Secret Garden.

hardanger.jpg (72931 bytes)
Hardanger fiddles by Bud Larsen
The Hardanger fiddle is Norway's National instrument. This unique instrument has an equally unique sound that is an important piece of Norway's musical culture. It has been our pleasure to host two talented Hardanger fiddle makers to our lodge meetings to demonstrate their expertise.

nstjub38.jpg (62051 bytes)
Ragnar Thorseth with Ed Fjordbak
The exploration of America by the Vikings, especially Lief Erickson, has gained international interest in the last few years. We commemorate Lief Erickson Day in the month of October by presenting programs about the Vikings and their impact on America. Present day Norwegians, like Thor Heyerdahl and Ragnar Thorseth, are keeping the adventurous spirit of the Vikings alive through their own research and explorations.

The Norwegian Christmas celebration is a bright spot in the cold winter months. Family gatherings and traditions are very important. We try to incorporate some of those traditions at our Christmas dinner.

Nordtex lodge members are active participants in national and local community service projects.

New Lodge Update. We are proud to announce the institution of a new Son of Norway lodge in Tyler, Texas. We continue to be encouraged by the steady progress in the formation of new lodges in Waco and Fort Worth. If you know people in these areas who may be interested in joining, contact Sub-District director Phil Erickson and he will make sure they are invited to join.
Meeting Time and Place
Our meetings usually include a short business session along with a program or speaker related to Norwegian culture and holidays. Occasionally we attend concerts, museums and historical sites for special events. Members are also active in ongoing community service projects.

Meetings are usually held on the 4th Sunday of each month, with the meeting beginning at 3:00 p.m.

Our meetings are held at The Wooden Spoon 1617 Ave K, Plano, Texas 75074
Call 1-800-2-NORDIC or send email to
For information about our Sons of Norway Lodge and its activities, send e-mail to Arne Hatlestad, President.

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How to join

Explore your Nordic heritage - enrich your future.
Call 1-800-945-8851 to become an instant member at an introductory price of $35 or visit their web site at
For information about our Sons of Norway Lodge and its activities, send e-mail to: Arne Hatlestad, President.
For Questions or Comments about this web site, send e-mail to Gus Stangeland, Webmaster
Nordtex Lodge 1-594 was the first Continental US/Canada Sons of Norway Lodge to be on the Internet.

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