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 on: October 07, 2016, 01:09:56 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
Enlarge twice if the video's don't cooperate.
The Vikings Uncovered from April 2016, part 1
The Vikings uncovered part 2


 on: July 18, 2016, 04:59:15 am 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
Draken Harald Hårfagre can be forced to end the expedition in USA and return long before expected. The reason is the pilotage fees in The Great Lakes on 430 000 US Dollar. The reason is that Draken is estimated to be a foreign trade-ship.
Sons of Norway has started a fundraising
Drakens position at any time


 on: June 11, 2016, 02:58:01 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
Acc. to the Saga Birkebeiner Chieftains Torstein Kugad from Gaustad at Byneset in Trondheim, Bjalve Skindstak and Aastjaut with 80 Birkebeiner soldiers protekted king Sverres fortress Sverresborg in Trondheim when he was not present.
The fortress was 1197 conquered by Baglers led by king Inge Magnusson. They burned and tored down the fortress.
When they left, to poison the water, they threw the corpse of a dead Birkebeiner into the well and filled it with stones and soil.

Torstein Kugads recidence Gaustad, photo taken 1922

Sverresborg 2014.
Archaeologists dig out the well and found a ca 800 years old skeleton (plus/minus 30 year) and are overwhelelmingly thrilled (includes a video in Norwegian)

A recronstruction of Sverresborg that was build upon the big rock to the right in the photo

Birkebeiner chief Bjalve Skindstak mentioned in Sverresborg above and 12 men were killed by Baglers in Olavs Church in Trondheim when they tried to escape/hide spring 1206.


The skull of the dead Birkebeiner soldier was found yesterday in the bottom of the well where the corpse was found 2014 "hidden" under a stone.


 on: April 22, 2016, 12:36:37 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
The world's largest Viking ship Draken (The Dragon) Harald Hårfagre will visit N. America this year
Draken Harald Hårfagre with 25 row benches on each side is a war- ship. Normally war ships had ca 20 row benches. A big-ship owned by chieftains or kings had 30 row-benches, a so called "30 sesse". "Ormen Lange" The Long Serpent had ca 37 row-benches. Some of the biggest ships had two men on each oar.
The journey can be followed on Facebook


 on: April 13, 2016, 05:12:58 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
The new Viking Age Museum in Oslo. The winner is "Naust" Boathouse


 on: April 08, 2016, 12:35:15 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
A new Viking settlement found in Canada?


 on: November 09, 2015, 05:42:11 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
Norway, winter 1206. Two Birkebeiners, Thorstein Skevla and Skjervald Skrukka brought the 2 years old prince Håkon Håkonsson across the mountain hunted by Baglers.
On film Spring 2016;



 on: October 17, 2015, 06:48:47 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
It looks like Skules corpse was moved from Nidaros cathedral to the Rein Abbey in Rissa municipality north of Nidaros/Trondheim that Skule build in 1226. Rein manor had belonged to the family since ca 1075 when king Olav "Kyrre" Haraldsson gave Rein as a gift to Duke Skules forefather Skule, known as Skule "Kongsfostre" since he was "fostret" raised in the kings court. Skule "Kongsfostre" born in England 1052 came to Norway after the battle of Stamford Bridge in 1066 mentioned earlier together with the young king Olav "Kyrre" Haraldsson.
 Duke Skule Baardssons tombstone, partially destroyed
A reconstruction of the tombstone, see the shaded marks

The picture of the building Skule held in his right hand is probably Rein Abbey,_Norway

Rissa munipalities coat of arms is Skules crown


 on: October 14, 2015, 10:26:51 am 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
When Bagler king Inge Philupsson died 1217, King Håkon Håkonsson IV, born 1204, became sole king in Norway until he died 1263, see info below.

A small summary.
At Largs an army units of 800 sodiers led by the experienced Lenderman Ogmund Krøkedans (Crouchdans) "Ogmund Dantz" where landed before the storm increased and met with a part of the force 500 Scottish knights on horsebak and 300 foot soldiers on a small hill.
Other Norwegian chiefs on Largs were Anders Plytt, Erling Alvsson and Erlend Raud, all survived.
Many were killed on both sides, among them were two from the kings Hird (Guard), Torgils Gloppa and Håkon from Stein, but most Scotsmen fell and they had to withdraw, but returned with 8000 men, and now the Norwegians had to withdraw to the beach.
The ancher of a Kogge (a big cargo ship) was cut of and ran towards the beach to create a form of protection against the scottish arrows during the withdraw.
Only a few boats overloaded with soldiers was launched from the beach, the rest of the ships including the big  cargo ship were left there.
King Håkon´s bigship Kristsuden lost three anchors in the storm, and the whole fleet searced up to a safer haven before they continued to the Orkneys to spend the winter.
King Håkon send some ships back to Largs to collect his dead men and set the damaged Norwegian ships still lying on the beach on fire.
The Battle of Largs was more an engagement than a battle

King Håkon got ill and died in the Bishop´s Palace in Kirkwall Dec. 15. 1263 and young Magnus Håkonsson (Lagabøte- law maker) that was back in Norway was on Dec. 16. king of Norway.
King Håkon was buried in St. Magnus cathedral but on March 5. the kings body was taken out of the grave and brought to Norway and Bergen on his ship Kristsuden, on board was his leading chiefs and guardsmen, and the king was buried in his fathers grave in Kristkirken,_Bergen.


The civil war ended 1240.
Nov. 6. 1239 King Håkons son in law Duke Skule Baardsson (for a period they were co-kings and shared the same guard) tried to qonquer the crown when he was elected king on the law court on Øre in Trøndelag. Duke Skule failed and was killed outside Elgeseter Monastery in Trondheim by the kings men Mai 24. 1240.
Duke Skule was known as a handsome man. His last words were "Do not struck me (with the sword) in my head"
Duke Skule was buried inside Nidarosdomen

The Arch Bishop, all of his "choirs-brothers", many priests, Citizens of Trondheim and many Birkebeiners were present in the funeral. One of the tombs is marked with a Ducal crown.
This tomb most likely contains Duke Skule Baardssons relicts.


 on: March 26, 2015, 05:35:58 pm 
Started by MLucero - Last post by Kåre
After the settlement on the island Kvitsøy 1208 Bagler chief Reidar Sendemann who was married to king Magnus Erlingssons daughter Margret and Birkebeiner chief Peter Støype, shipmaster on the big ship Ognarbranden in the navy battle on Strindfjorden June 18. 1199 (see page eight) who was married to king Magnus Erlingssons daughter Ingebjørg decided to visit the holy land with two ships.

Peter Støype and Ingebjørg died in Rome, but Reidar came safely to Jerusalem.

After visited Jerusalem Reidar sailed to Constantinople and took service again in emporer (Kirilax) Alexios III guard.
Kirilax died 1211.
Reidar Sendemann died in Constantinople  1214.



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