Live Webcams from Bergen, Norway
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Bergen: Two views from Clarion Admiral Hotel, on the left, toward the fish market and on the right towards Skoltegrunnskaien and Håkonshallen

Ulriken: Two cameras at the top of mount Ulriken shows the view over Bergen city, and the view of Vidden, a popular trekking area.

Bergen: View from the top of Fløyen

Eikedalen: This camera shows the view of the Eikedalen ski resort

M/S Nordkapp: Two cameras are mounted on the coastal steamer M/S Nordkapp, showing the view in front of the ship, and backwards on the port side.

Finse: This camera shows the station area at Finse

Fedje: The camera at Fedje shows the view of the harbour and the fairway towards Bergen and Mongstad

Flesland: The camera is placed in the control tower, and overlooks the terminal building and part of the runway.

Flåm: The Flåm camera shows the view towards Aurlandsfjorden.

Helleneset: Two cameras show four different pictures of the swimming and recreation area, and the fairway towards Bergen.

Voss: Two cameras are placed at the top of Hangursbanen, overlooking central Voss

Fjordtroll: View from the roof of M/S Fjordtroll

Stord: Kameraet på Stord viser bilde mot bussterminalen og snøggbåtterminalen på Leirvik

Stryn: View over Stryn Ski resort.

Bergen: The camera is mounted on the BT building, and shows the view towards Ole Bulls plass and Torgallmenningen

Ofoten og Vesteraalske Damskipsselsskap i Narvik (OVDS)

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